Private Residence

In 2012 Horne was given the honor of working for a client whose plans were drawn by the eminent Saratoga Springs firm, Frost-Hurff Architects.

A substantial foursquare house with Greek Revival influences, this house is now under construction (2013).

Sited on a wide lot with a pre-existing garage on its alley front, it was designed for a young family with three children. Its first floor is flexible, with a master suite for aging in place presently designated for an au pair, a gracious dining room that will be a playroom in the immediate future, and a large open living room and kitchen space. On the second floor are three large bedrooms, two full baths, a laundry, and auxiliary spaces.

The house was designed by Matt Hurff of Frost-Hurff Architects, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.